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Fixing a Sudden Computer Freeze On Your Remote Descktop


These days, every person has a computer to do his/her job. Most of the professional are not techies who can handle or understand complicated system errors. In most tech forum discussions I have found many freelancers, professionals and students discussing why their system gets stuck while starting, sometimes in the mid way through starting an application. There are several kinds of error that cause “system stuck” at random occasions depending on the symptoms. For example, if your system gets stuck for a while and starts working normally after sometime then you need to check which process is taking more time of your processor.

It happens when one of the applications running on your task manager occupies 100% CPU and doesn’t allow any other application to be processed. You can check it by pressing (Ctrl+Alt+del). It will pop up the task manager window where you can see the current processes running on your CPU. You can see the total CPU usage by just moving your cursor on the task manager icon. It will help you find out the program that is taking most of the CPU usage. You need to kill the process that takes maximum CPU space. However, if you need that program then find out if the updated version with bug fix is available or not. It is better to make your system’s idle process running as it helps to know the percentage of CPU that is not in use.

Improper installation of software and hardware in your system can be another reason for this random stuck. You just need to remember what you have done new to your system just prior to this behavior. If you have installed new apps, games of any hardware then you should remove it from control panel. If it has happened just once after installing the application or game then you need to reboot your system to install it properly. Another reason of “random stuck” is malware. If your system in not secured with efficient and updated version of antivirus then you need to clean up your system. If you are a non techie person and all this seem difficult for you then you can ask help from technical support companies that provides instant support via remote services. They can help you for proper installation of any software and hardware, removal of malware, and antivirus installation.

Advantages of the remote desktop

Advantages of the remote desktop solutions are many. Some of them are as follows:-

  • It is apt for the non-mobile end users who are not familiar with the conventional VPN solutions.
  • The presence of the premise-oriented architecture and data leakage security that reduces the security threats that remains intrinsic to the organized solutions.
  • IPhone/iPad assistance prohibits data leakage at the same time it allows full application accessibility over the 3G networks.
  • An efficient power management enhances the PC’s in “o” state. In addition to that it also minimizes power costs.
  • Most remote desktop solution providers offer an easy three step SSO login method, that proves very intuitive for end users subtracting the requirement for training

In today’s modern era, not only the tech professionals use remote desktop software but also the average cyber savvy user uses it for file and data sharing. It is also used by various industries and businesses to increase their productivity. This software also helps in avoiding any kind of business disruptions.